PDTI Instructors

The following is a full list of instructors who are registered members of the PDTI. Further details for each member can be found by clicking on their name.

Members are listed by their PDTI ID number however each column can be sorted alphabetically or numerically by clicking on its’ header.

Please refer to our Membership Leaflet for the criteria applied to the ‘Grades’ column. See also Grades Explained.

Grades are relative to knowledge and experience which are further defined by the levels shown in the last four columns. See Levels Explained for more information.

PDTI ID Name PDTI Grade County Postcode PA IE DH AT
1361 Alex Hunt Supporter Buckinghamshire SL0 A3 E3 H3 L1
1248 Alexis Robertson PPDTI Adv Kent TW1 A6 E5 H6 L5
1250 Ali Rummey Supporter West Sussex PO18 A2 E3 H5 L6
1131 Alison Gordon Supporter Ross- shire IV20 A4 E4 H5 S3
1253 Alison Burgess PPDTI Adv East Sussex TN21 A6 E4 H5 L5
1486 Alison Butler Supp   TR16        
1599 Alison Poulter Supporter Norfolk NR16 A4 E3 H5 L2
1367 Andy Tough APDTI London N16 A3 E3 H4 L2
1022 Ann Williams PPDTI West Sussex PO19 A5 E7 H6 L7
1475 Annette Sawyer Supporter Camarthenshire SA40 A5 E9 H5 L2
1008 Anthea Lawrence President Powys SY21 A9 E9 H8 L6
1609 Becky Lodder              
1135 Bex Taylor LPDTI Norfolk PE37 A5 E5 H5 L4
1606 Bill Sclater              
1243 Brian Richardson Supporter Cheshire WA1 A4 E6 H5 L2
1473 Bridget Warns PPDTI Adv Norfolk NR13 A5 E5 H5 L5
1488 Carol Corrigan Affiliate County Durham DH3 A2 E1 H5 L2
1016 Carol Weyman PPDTI Adv London N7 A8 E5 H6 L5
1725 Carolyn McCrum Supporter            
1012 Ceri Evans PPDTI Adv London N4 A9 E7 H6 L4
1487 Chris Young APDTI South Yorkshire S14 A5 E3 H5 L2
1257 Chris Clifford Supporter South Yorkshire S4 A5 E5 H5 L2
1002 Chris Bloomfield FPDTI Hertfordshire SG4 A9 E9 H6 L4
1364 Chris Richardson Supporter London SE16 A1 E1 H4 L2
1590 Chris Sherwin Supporter Staffordshire ST6 A1 E3 H5 L3
1254 Claire Powell APDTI Cheshire CW12 A4 E4 H5 L6
1014 Claire Bloomfield PPDTI Adv Essex CM5 A8 E6 H6 L5
1360 Craig Baker Affiliate Bedfordshire MK42 A4 E6 H5 L2
1365 Dave Tapper Supporter Kent CT6 A2 E3 H3 L1
1366 Dave Pierson LPDTI Adv Kent ME5 A6 E5 H5 L2
1017 David Bain PPDTI Adv County Durham DH7 A7 E5 H6 L5
1007 Dawn Cox PPDTI Adv West Midlands B28 A9 E9 H5 L6
1605 Dawn Seago              
1134 Deb Gornall LPDTI Lancashire PR3 A5 E9 H8 L4
1368 Eleanor McBeath PPDTI Adv Orkney KW15 A8 E6 H5 L5
1009 Elinore Vickery PPDTI Adv London W9 A9 E7 H5 L5
1593 Emily Mason Supporter Buckinghamshire HP11 A1 A1 H1 L2
1715 Euphame McDonald              
1244 Fi Joint PPDTI Adv Hertfordshire SG8 A8 E6 H6 L5
1140 Fiona Holdsworth Supporter County Durham DH2 A4 E8 H5 L6
1018 Fiona Henderson PPDTI West Midlands B47 A5 E9 H5 L6
1589 Gary Mulvaney APDTI Lancashire WN6 A5 E2 H5 L2
1482 Gemma Travers Affiliate Staffordshire ST6 A2 E2 H4 L3
1259 George Paneghi Supporter East Yorkshire HU17 A2 E2 H4 L6
1252 Harriet Thomas APDTI West Sussex RM5 A5 E3 H5 L2
1722 Hayley Hutton              
1362 Ian Maundrell Supporter Hampshire RG22 A1 E3 H4 L2
1128 Islana McLaughlin-Bell PPDTI Adv CI Jersey JE3 A8 E6 H5 L4
1720 Jacqui Horne Supporter            
1245 Jacquie Fournier Supporter London WC1X A4 E3 H6 L3
1484 Jai Cross Affiliate London SW1V A2 E2 H4 L3
1610 James Bull              
1723 Jane Prince              
1003 Janet Jones FPDTI Shropshire SY5 A9 E9 H7 L4
1478 Jean Sloman Supporter East Sussex GU32 A5 E3    
1026 Jill McAnich Affiliate Merseyside WA10 A4 E4 H5 L3
1011 Jill Hodgson PPDTI Adv Somerset TA20 A9 E7 H5 L4
1611 Jill Timms              
1474 Jo Belsten Affiliate Norfolk NR12 A5 E6 H5 L4
1595 Joan Cartwright Supporter County Durham DL15 A6 E6 H4 S2
1363 Jody McQuiston APDTI Cumbria CA26 A5 E3 H5 L5
1601 John Webber Supporter London N4 A2 E1 H5 L6
1142 Julie Love PPDTI Adv Northamptonshire NN12 A8 E6 H6 L5
1133 Karen McGowan-Olyott PPDTI Adv Hertfordshire SG7 A7 E6 H5 L4
1613 Karen Roberts              
1719 Karen Graham              
1591 Kate Ellis Supporter Cheshire CW5 A1 E1 H4 L4
1603 Kerry Brown APDTI Middlesex EN2 A4 E3 H5 L2
1127 Kim Stoklasa LPDTI Adv London N4 A6 E6 H5 L4
1714 Kirsty Webster              
1139 Lesley Thompson PPDTI Adv County Durham DL5 A8 E9 H6 L5
1023 Lesley Young PPDTI Adv Hertfordshire HP3 A8 E8 H6 L5
1251 Lesley Drever LPDTI Ross-Shire IV20 A5 E6 H5 L2
1129 Lesley Buxton LPDTI Gloucestershire GL54 A5 E5 H5 L2
1483 Leyla Ahmet Supporter London HA A2 E1 H2 L1
1258 Lisa Owen Jones Affiliate Northern Ireland N16 A2 E3 H2 L1
1025 Louise Mason Affiliate Shropshire SY7 A4 E4 H5 L2
1598 Lynda Wilson Licentiate Middlesex EN1 A5 E6 H5 L2
1005 Manda Denny PPDTI Adv South Yorkshire LL17 A9 E6 H5 L4
1006 Marcia Mannings-Smith PPDTI Adv West Midlands B28 A9 E9 H5 L4
1020 Marion Jolliffe LPDTI London N4 A5 E4 H6 L4
1371 Michael Lowe Supporter London N4 A1 E2 H1 L5
1724 Michelle Roberts Supporter Denbighshire          
1247 Nat Dolton PPDTI Adv Gloucestershire GL14 A7 E5 H6 L5
1608 Neha Singh              
1019 Nelly Jouffreu LPDTI z Canada   A5 E5 H4 L2
1592 Nicky Evans Supporter Mid Glamorgan CF48 A4 E2 H5 L6
1024 Nicola Jones LPDTI Adv Shropshire SY4 A7 E6 H4 L4
1137 Pam Radford LPDTI Adv London N4 A6 E5 H5 L2
1480 Paul Essex LPDTI London N22 A5 E5 H5 L2
1136 Paula Noble-Smith Supporter West Sussex RH12 A4 E7 H6 L3
1721 Paula Smith APDTI            
1015 Peter Whittaker LPDTI Adv Surrey RH5 A7 E8 H5 L5
1004 Phil Lean LPDTI South Yorkshire S4 A9 E9 H5 L1
1246 Rachel Richards LPDTI Adv Staffordshire ST7 A8 E4 H4 L6
1021 Rachel Worley PPDTI Adv Surrey TW17 A6 E6 H5 L4
1718 Richard Neenan              
1255 Rory Stevens Affiliate Devon TQ14 A4 E6 H6 L3
1594 Rose Jackson Supporter County Durham DH2 A4 E6 H4 S2
1479 Rosie Littlepage Supporter London HA1 A1 E2 H5 L6
1485 Sam Ross LPDTI Adv Worcestershire DY12 A6 E5 H5 L3
1481 Sara Sarre PPDTI Adv CI Guernsey GY5 A8 E6 H5 L6
1612 Sarah Stephens APDTI            
1370 Selina Davies Supporter Essex CO9 A4 E3 H5 L3
1600 Semone Stephenson Supporter Middlesex UB8 A4 E6 H4 L2
1141 Sharon Alton PPDTI Adv Norfolk PE32 A7 E6 H6 L5
1597 Sharon Bunce APDTI Oxfordshire OX26 A2 E2 H5 L4
1132 Shaun Leatham Supporter     A4 E7 H6 L3
1010 Sophie Williams LPTDI Adv Suffolk IP20 A9 E7 H5 L3
1249 Steph Presdee LPDTI Herefordshire HR9 A5 E9 H6 L4
1001 Sue Evans PPDTI Adv London N4 A9 E8 H6 L5
1602 Sue Aspinall APDTI Middlesex EN2 A5 E4 H5 L2
1130 Tamsin Durston APDTI London WC1N A5 E6 H7 L6
1372 Teresa Brosnan APDTI London N7 A2 E3 H5 L3
1476 Tracey Gower Supporter Gloucestershire GU28 A5 E6 H6 L7
1607 Tracy Ridgeway              
1716 Tyla Gibbons              
1013 Wendy Shufflebotham PPDTI Adv Staffordshire ST8 A8 E6 H5 L5
1477 Yvette Berg Colhoun Affiliate z Sweden   A2 E2 H3 L3
1604 Yvette Andrewartha              
1256 Yvonne Kelsall PPDTI Staffordshire ST8 A5 E9 H6 L4