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April Workshops 2018

Thursday 5th April - Sunday 8th April 2018

PDTI presents a series of new workshops for 2018. Thursday 5th April 9.30am-4pm ‘Let’s Talk Play!’, Thursday Evening 6.30-9pm ‘Sniff & Search!’, Friday 6th April 9.30-5pm ‘Teaching People with Dogs’, Sun 8th April ‘Let’s Talk Methods!’ OR ‘Triathlon Challenge’, Venue: Harper Adams University, Newport, Shropshire TF10 8NB. Download workshop poster and booking form.

7th National Conference

Saturday 7th April 2018

We are looking forward to welcoming Dr Robert Falconer-Taylor, international consultant on pet welfare and relationships with owners. He will be speaking about dogs in our society, their thought processes, emotions and interactions, together with an evidence-based approach to addressing problems when things go wrong. Download conference poster and booking form.

Practical Instructors Awards Course

Saturday 22nd - Saturday 29th July 2017

Our annual week-long residential course is suitable for all Instructors and Advisors involved with helping families to live happily in harmony with their pet companion dogs. New and potential instructors are able to safely learn and earn an Introductory Award. The more experienced may be eligible target the higher awards through to advanced. The course emphasises clarity of communication and individual understanding of how appropriate reinforcement is applied to the positive teaching of good behaviour. More information…

6th National Conference

Saturday 22nd April 2017

We are looking forward to welcoming Professor Daniel Mills as our keynote speaker at the next conference. Professor Mills, a leading light in developing our understanding of animal behaviour, is always fascinating to listen to. Covering three key topics, Daniel will firstly highlight the role of pain in a range of behaviour problems, before tackling the issue of social organisation in dogs and the emotional basis to aggressive behaviour. More information....

Analysing Instructing Skills

Sunday 23rd April 2017

Led by Sue Evans, focusing on the effectiveness of what and how we teach. Dog training is a unique and challenging area of instructing, as besides working with the full range of dogs and people (ages, types and learning abilities), it is two-fold - teaching novice handlers to teach novice dogs. Over the last twenty years, the face of dogdom in the UK has changed and so has our technical understanding of how dogs learn. Educating the public and explaining canine behaviour is a balancing act with training specific exercises, tricks and life-skills, and we need to ensure we continue to learn and adapt our teaching to meet the demands of society today. More information....

Puzzle Solving and Enrichment

Sunday 23rd April 2017

With Elinore Vickery & Tamsin Durston, exploring the Dog-Human Partnership through a series of fun relationship-building interactive games and activities. Examining how your dog prefers to communicate with you, and giving consideration to how you best work together as a team, you will undertake physical, sensory and mental challenges. Learning together, teaching new skills and solving problems will build and strengthen the connection between you and your dog, and, in-turn, create enrichment for both of your minds, bodies and hearts. More information....

Precision Clicker Training

Monday 24th & Tuesday 25th April 2017

With Clare Russell, who with simple strategies for planning, developing and progressing will encourage more detailed thought to your training. DAY ONE: ‘lSeeing clicker basics with new eyes’ - core behaviours, building key skills, using play, designing training plans suited to individuals, and learning how to practice effectively. DAY TWO: ‘Furthering & challenging your skills’ - exploring clicker use in various disciplines, progressing skills to achieve goals, then challenging you further with some fun clicker-tastic team activities for you and your dog. “The strategic decision about what skill to define is the essence of teaching”. Clare comes highly recommended for her tutoring skills by her mentor Kay Laurence. She holds a COAPE Advanced Diploma and is a Co-founder of Positively Excellent. With over 15 years experience, she has a keen interest is in building relationships, and developing new behaviours rather than suppressing unwanted ones. More information....

Scent & Nosework

Sunday 20th November 2016

Stotfold, Herts

Come and join us on this fun-packed handling workshop where we will be delving into the dog’s wonderful world of scent and nose-work. (9.30am to 4.30pm) More information...

Reactive v Responsive

Friday 28th October & Saturday 29th October 2016

Norwich, Norfolk

This workshop focuses on both intentional and accidental communication issues … it will concentrate on observation and analyses of body language and the various responses to spoken words, actions and signals given. (Fri: 6.30pm - 9.30pm, Sat: 9.30am 4.00pm) See poster here. Numbers are strictly limited so please email to check availability and for booking form.

Practical Instructors Course

Saturday 23rd July - Saturday 30th July 2016

All about dogs and teaching people, good food, new friends and really worthwhile awards! ... with early and member discounts More information...

A choice of four Teaching Workshops

Sunday 3rd April - Tuesday 5th April 2016

Sun (one-day) Reactive v Responsive or Manhunt
Monday/Tuesday (two-days) Instructing Skills or Scent-based Fun & Potential
Sorry these are now full