Theory Programme

A separate and optional theory programme was launched in 2010, aligning to the practical awards. Starting with Level 1 ‘Responsible Dog Care’ through to Level 5 ‘Canine Training & Behavioural Management’.

We were fortunate that we had the opportunity to work in partnership with Harper Adams University (2010-2014) to formalise our theory programme into the framework for higher education qualifications as set by Ofqual.

We would like to congratulate the 33 who gained their Level 4 Certificate in Canine Behaviour & Training and the 16 Advanced Members who went on to gain the Level 5 Diploma in Canine Training and Behavioural Management, graduating with the post nominals UDip CTBM. Click here to see list of names and how this fits with our current internal awards.

Government cuts to education resulted in the PDTI having to contribute around £20,000 to re-validate the course with the University, and a further £20,000 to support the next group of students through it. We are therefore currently incorporating the same course internally to the same standards, with a view to regaining external accreditation in the future.

The PDTI’s theory programme is designed at five levels see the documents below for more details.