Pet Dog Training Instructors was established in 2005 and held its first practical course at Harper Adams University in Shropshire in 2006.

The PDTI was formed following the closure of the Dog Training Instructors (DTI) courses that had just, in 2005, successfully run it 50th Annual Course. Team Leaders on that course, upset by the announcement of closure, grouped together with Chris Bloomfield, who was in attendance, to continue 'Instructors' courses. Sue Evans, being one of the Examiners on that 50th course, was approached to join the new team to provide technical guidance to formalise the structure of a new course and align it to support the Kennel Club's relatively new Accreditation Scheme.

A meeting was held in the October and it was agreed to rename the group 'PDTI', with courses to target Pet /Companion Dog Training Instructors who work with families on day-to-day aspects of dog ownership in modern society. The emphasis would be on understanding dogs as companions, and the teaching of good manners and life-skills, rather than the more traditional teaching of competitive exercises and disciplines.

PDTI courses have a similar educational trend of many other instructor courses, with our Tutors being trained to facilitate student learning. The practical course provides opportunities to all those wishing to share and learn; the assessment process aims to acknowledge the current skill level of each participant, whether just starting out or highly experienced. Students work with their team members and with different Tutors each day to benefit from a range of practical expertise, collectively learning from each other whilst helping to nurture the skills required to teach people to teach dogs. The course awards certificates of practical competence based on continual peer assessment throughout the week. (Please see Practical page and separate flyers)

Over the last few years there has been much national discussion over the quality of services within the field of dog (and animal) training and behaviour, with many professional organisations almost demanding a structure for formal academic and practical qualifications for all practitioners. The PDTI have taken on board this potential requirement and have moved forward, happy with the direction of their practical awards, introduced optional theory elements in 2010. (Please see Theory page and separate flyers). The PDTI approached, and worked in partnership with, Harper Adams University, having launched a 3 stage Level 5 Diploma in Canine Training and Behavioural Management in 2010.

2010 also saw the formation of the PDTI as a private not-for-profit company, limited by guarantee, registered with Companies House Number 7254416. As a company, it has formed a Management Council and invites Membership to all interested parties. (Please see Members page and separate flyers). The PDTI is committed to education and to achieving national recognition to support its members in their quest to provide the best possible service to the dog owning public.

2012 saw history made with the graduation of the first group of Diploma participants, The Diploma was discontinued in 2013 due to the cuts in education funding, resulting in course fees being taken up far beyond our reach. On a good note, over the three years 33 of 35 students gained a Level 4 University College Certificate in Canine Behaviour and Training and 16 of our members went on the gain the Level 5 University Diploma in Canine Training and Behavioural Management. 2012 also saw the running of practical teaching workshops and the PDTI's first national Conference, which has become an annual event.

PDTI course members