About Us

PDTI directors Chris Bloomfield and Sue Evans

The PDTI, which was established in 2005, aims to promote education and support continual professional development, generally working to give all a better understanding of 'Life with a Dog' and the rewards that successful human/canine relationships will offer.

The PDTI is run by its Directors and a Management Council consisting of President, Chairperson, Officers and Working Party Members covering the following roles and activities: Administration and Membership, Public Relations & Website, Events, Education, Practical Courses. In due course it aims to include more individuals to act as regional membership representatives.

Co-opted members to Working Parties and Practical Tutor Team include: Eleanor McBeath, Dawn Cox, Ceri Evans, Fi Joint, Rachel Richards, Lesley Thompson, Lesley Young and Carol Weyman.

The PDTI may also be of interest anyone involved in complementary activities (eg Dog Walkers, Groomers, Kennel or Retail Staff) ... especially those who generally find themselves increasingly involved with advising pet owners and their dogs. Our Practical courses aim to assess and enhance the skills of, and give confidence to, Pet Dog Training Instructors who are actively helping the dog-owning public. The courses attract participants from both here in the UK and overseas, including students from Poland and France and long haul locations like Dubai and Japan.

See here for a more detailed history.