Pet Dog Training Instructors

PDTI members at Harper Adams UniversityPet Dog Training Instructors (PDTI) was founded in 2005, and formally registered in the UK as a not-for-profit company, limited by guarantee in 2010. Our aim is to support Instructors and Advisors who provide, or wish to provide, companion dog training services for pet dog owning families. Our whole training and teaching ethos is to promote self-motivated continuing professional development (CPD), to encourage science-based learning, expand personal dog-training skills and develop a deeper understanding of related behaviours.

The PDTI has well-established itself over the last ten years or so, with its annual awards course, teaching workshops, educational events, theory programme and finally, with a membership system using increasing grades to recognise practical, assessment and educational achievements of individuals. By helping our Instructors be the best they can possibly be, it enables them to support the dogs and families who come to them for help, in the most positive, successful, enjoyable and rewarding manner possible.

Latest and Exciting PDTI News

Our next Practical Instructors Awards Course (Saturday 22nd - Saturday 29th July 2017) is fast approaching and already looking as exciting as ever. If you are thinking of joining us please get in touch asap to book your place. Previous participants will notice that we have made slight adjustments to the awards levels, continually evolving to further promote the application of instructing skills to the role we play in educating dog owners and handlers. With a full week of talking dogs and teaching people, a bonus of good food and the opportunity to make new friends, the course is well established and respected. It has a proven format with a high student / dedicated tutor ratio, so beneficial for building teaching confidence, whilst earning really worthwhile awards through daily practical assessment for all Instructors and Advisors from introductory to advanced. More information…

Our National Conference (Saturday April 22nd 2017) was another huge success and we can not thank our speaker, Professor Daniel Mills, enough for presenting his research-supported-ideas on three important key topics in such an inspiring way, increasing our understanding of dogs.

PDTI also presented a series of new workshops for 2017 (Sunday 23rd April - Tuesday 25th April) and we thank Sue Evans for leading a thought-provoking Analysing Instructing Skills workshop; Elinore Vickery & Tamsin Durston for their amazing Puzzle Solving & Enrichment workshop; and finally to Clare Russell for her in-depth, two-day step-by-step Precision Clicker Training workshop, which really made people think about the skills involved.

If you would like to host one our popularteaching workshops in your area, please do not hesitate to contact us. In addition to those above, these include ‘Instructing Skills’, ‘Advanced Skills’, ‘Problem Solving’, ‘Running Young Puppy Sessions’, Reactive v Responsive, plus a range of ‘Scent-based’ workshops including ‘Manhunt’, ‘Nose work’ and ‘Fun & Potential’.